Register your AMEX for Small Business Saturday

by Mini and Me

Small Business Saturday is coming right up on Saturday Nov. 30th!  Register your card NOW at  AMEX only allows a limited number of customers to participate in this reward program.

Once you've registered your card, go shopping (on Saturday)!!  Spend $10 or more at a participating small business like Mini & Me, and AMEX will credit your next account statement with $10.00.  Yep!  FREE MONEY!!

Mini & Me is offering an extra chance to "Stuff and Save!" The first 20 shoppers on Saturday Nov. 30th, will receive a "Shop Small" reusable tote.  Receive 20% OFF everything you can stuff in the tote!

Sorry, online purchases do not quality.  (AMEX rules, not ours)

I recently heard that the CEO of a major big box store makes 18.2 miliion dollars a year.  I can't imagine what the chain he works for makes in a year!!  As far as I've heard, this CEO hasn't sponsored a single soccer team in Scripps Ranch or donated to any Scripps Ranch Ranch Round-Ups, Harvest Festivals or Halloween Carnivals.  Mini & Me has!  With our seriously smaller budget, we have given back to Scripps Ranch and MANY other community causes including Pop Warner, Rady Children's Hospital, Breast Cancer 3-Day Walk, preschools, and elementary schools in Sabre Springs, Poway, and Penasquitos.  

Big corporations do often donate to charities, and that's awesome!  But if you want to keep those donations local, shop local!  Support your small local businesses (ALL YEAR), and we will support you and the things that you value in return!

Thank you!!!