Gift Wrap

by Mini and Me

Every year is the same for me...I run around town picking up stocking stuffers, cozy sweaters, socks, and perfumes.  I order box after box of Christmas wishes online that I hide immediately in closets and under beds.  I pat myself on the back for somehow finding and affording all of those beautiful gifts before Dec. 25th.

But as that date gets closer and closer, I remember...All of those little treasures need to be wrapped.  Each one needs a ribbon or a bow.  A gift bag and some tissue.  Every single one.

Imagine how happy I would be if those gifts had been purchased at Mini & Me, and they had all been wrapped before I even brought them home?!?!  At Mini & Me, we have so many cute boxes and bows, tulle and twine, bags, baskets and mason jars...We even have postal tags we can attach, so you don't even have to buy those silly little Santa "To" and "From" labels.

Shop at Mini & Me, and let us take the stress of gift wrapping off your shoulders.  Imagine actually getting some sleep on Christmas Eve this year!!


mason jars.JPG