Giving Tuesday

by Mini and Me

Today is #GivingTuesday.  I'm not sure who comes up with these "days," but I do support this one.  All we hear as parents at this time of year is "I want..."  Let's be honest, we do it, too!  Going out shopping for gifts for others means that we see all the sparkly, wonderful things we also "must have," and then we start on the "I wants," too!

Today is an opportunity to step out of the greed of the season and use some of that holiday budget to support a non-profit.  If you really think about it, giving to a charity that supports a cause that's important to you really is giving yourself a gift.

Think "I want to end Childhood Cancer."  Give to Children's Oncology Group or St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, and you might get what you want.  Think "I want to give birth to healthy children."  Donate to March of Dimes.  "I want a cure to breast cancer."  Susan G. Komen or City of Hope.

You see where I'm going with this.  It might not be gift wrapped under the tree.  It might not be a gift you get to benefit from today.  Giving generously to non-profits is a gift to those in need immediately and possibly to yourself in time.

If you don't have a lot of money to donate, clean out your closet, and donate the things you don't wear anymore to a non-profit like Goodwill, Salvation Army, or a local shelter for the homeless.  If you are local, you can drop off sweaters and jackets for Gently Hugged or Hidden Valley House at Mini & Me, and we will give you a $10 store credit in return for your kindness!

Tell your kids all about #GivingTuesday.  Let them help decide where to donate.  The kids will follow your lead and example.  Let's raise a generation of givers and helpers!