Shed Antlers

by Mini and Me

Some of our favorite new arrivals, courtesy of our friends at Klara Blakely, are painted antlers.  We especially love the shed antler tip necklaces!  We do want to clarify that these are "cruelty to animals" free pieces that are made from shed antlers.  

~Naturally Shed Antler~


The Beautiful Antlers that grow upon the Noble Stag begin their life in Spring. Their rapid growth means that by July they are fully grown and covered with a rich warm Velvet. The Stag will then Rub the Velvet away to reveal its new Glory.

The Antlers, which are made from Bone, are used during the Mating season as a show of his Strength and Power and by the start of Spring they have served their purpose and are Naturally shed before his New Antlers Begin to Grow Once More. The Stag is a symbol of Strength and Power, he has a Natural Inner Strength that represents all that is just and brings Peace and Balance.