Chili's Fundraiser for Rady Children's Hospital

by Mini and Me

In San Diego, Rady Children's Hospital is the hospital we all take our children to.  We all hope we will never have to use their facilities, but between soccer injuries, high fevers, vision problems, or accidents, we almost all end up there at some point before our children turn 18.

If you're like most, you expect the hospital to be open when you need it.  You expect it to be clean, well staffed, and well equipped with top notch equipment.  Whether or not you can afford to pay, you expect the staff to treat you with respect, your child with kindness, and provide the appropriate medical care.

None of these things comes for free.  And the hospital could not run without charitable donations.

Today is the day that everyone in San Diego and Temecula can do something to help fund this amazing hospital...In a delicious, low effort way!  Just eat at your local Chili's Bar and Grill.  Take out or Dine-In.  Show your server this flier or simply tell your server you are there for the Rady's fundraiser.  15% of your purchase will be donated to Rady's!!!  

Please share this flier with your friends, neighbors, and relatives.  Thank you!!