Country Christmas

by Mini and Me

If you like a chill in the air and the scent of wood burning fires, wild turkeys meandering across the road, brilliant orange and red sunsets that silhouette oak and pine trees like an artist's masterpiece, rustic decor, friendly people, and the ever present possibility of a misting snow, you need to visit your local mountains during this magical holiday season!  

I can honestly say I don't remember ever heading to Julian during the holidays before, but now that we work up there, I can't imagine why I let this season go by without ever renting a house for a weekend or taking a romantic weekend in a local bed and breakfast.  Even a day trip would be a fun break from "sunny and 75" down here in paradise!  It's great down here, but snow!  The kids cannot wait to see the white stuff for the first time this year!

And after years of suburban Pottery Barn and Target decor cluttering mine and all my neighbors' homes, it's refreshing to see a variety of country, handmade, and vintage ornaments available in Ramona, Julian, and along the 78 at little shops in shacks and homes along the way!  

This is the Christmas I'm craving this year...