Mom's Favorite Necklace

by Mini and Me

There comes a point in every mom's life when she has to stop wearing both necklaces and hoop or dangling earrings because her grabby, teething baby yanks on her jewelry and tries to stick it right into their mouths.  Traditional jewelry is made of disgusting mixtures of toxic metals and tiny jewels and beads that babies can bite off and ingest or choke on.

A couple companies have created necklaces made with baby safe construction and materials, and we cannot keep them on our shelves!  Heart Strings is a Canadian based company and was the first teething necklace we carried.  Then we found Teething Bling which offered a longer cord and more fashionable style.  

teething bling jade.jpg

The most popular teething necklace we carry now is Chewbeads.  We literally sell out almost as soon as we get them out of the shipping box every time we order them.  These are long and colorful  and easy for babies to grab, chew on, and play with.  We always post new shipments on our Facebook page when they arrive, and you can call us at (858) 695-3535 to purchase and have us ship one (or more to you) or check our web store...Every once in a while we keep them in stock online for a little longer than we're able to keep them on our shelves! 

alice and ivory mint teether.JPG

Possibly our new favorite style is organic fabric knots with or without a wood ring teether.  So safe and soft and comes in so many beautiful fabric choices!  This mint version is from Alice and Ivory.  These all fabric teething necklaces retail for only $18.00 at Mini & Me!  You can afford one to coordinate with every outfit!

Whatever your favorite brand, style, or color...These teething necklaces will be a life saver for you and for baby while those teeth are popping through!

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