Life: Made Easy (or at least a little easier)

by Mini and Me

You took 2 kids to camp.  1 to the dentist.  Then all 3 to swim class.  Where you ran into a friend who made you run late for getting the kids to soccer practice.  You still have to get ready for Bunco with friends, and you have nothing to wear.  And you don't have a hostess gift.  And you don't have an ounce of patience left for any of it!

Call Mini & Me!  We can bring you several outfits to try on.  Only purchase what you like.  Or if you already know exactly what you want, we will just drive it out to you, no problem.  And the hostess gift, well, we have a florist on staff who would be happy to prepare a cute succulent or floral bouquet for you.  If you live in Scripps Ranch, we'll deliver all this for FREE!  If you live somewhere else in San Diego County, that's OK.  We will deliver for a nominal fee.

Again, CALL US.  Our number is (858) 695-3535.  We can help.