"Going Out Of Business"

by Mini and Me

We're not.  And this is not an announcement.  I just wanted to get your attention with this title!

We've noticed a trend that we find a little curious...disturbing even...Every time we title an e-mail with "We're Moving..." or "Store Closing" or anything that might indicate failure, we get more opens than ANY OTHER title!

My apologies for being a little misleading in the title, but I've found that "GOING OUT OF BUSINESS" is the only statement I can make that will get a rousing response from my audience.  So I do yank that chain once in a while...Even if we really are just moving or just closing a little early to get ready for a party.  Sorry, sometimes I just want you to read what I write!

I just wonder...why?  Why are so many people so excited to hear that we failed?  When we post good news of growth or celebration, not too many of you (15% on average) open that e-mail or read the Facebook post.

If we've offended you somehow, please let us know.  If we've let you down or haven't served your needs well, please...let us know how we can make it better for you.  We like you.  We want you to like us, too.  Celebrate with us.  Enjoy our successes.  Grow with us.

If we've so let you down that you prefer to wait with baited breath for our notice of failure...We are sorry.   E-mail me.  Let me know how we can get back on your good side :)