My Commute

by Mini and Me

So many San Diego commuters spend 45 minutes stuck in freeway traffic every morning and every evening without thinking much about it.  People gasp when I tell them we opened a store in Julian and say "That's so far!"  Yes, our new store is many miles from my home...38 miles I believe...BUT I never drive on a freeway, rarely hit any congestion at all, and during my 45 minute commute, I get to see horses, camels, cows, and sheep on my way up, and beautiful sunsets over the mountains on the way down.  My 45 minute commute makes my heart happy and my soul peaceful, and even if the decision to move to Julian was unexpected and out of the box a bit, I believe more every day that it was the right decision for me, my family, and my business.

If a little peace and a beautiful view sound like what you need in your life, maybe you should call yourself out of work today, turn the car around, and head up the mountain to try some Julian Hard Cider, eat some apple pie, and shop at Mini & Me!