The Quick Journey

by Mini and Me in

There are a lot of fantastic bloggers out there who share their hearts, homes, children, recipes, dreams, designs...their art, their love, their lives...With us.  We are so lucky to live in this era where information, photos, and friendship can travel to so many homes and reach so many people easily and quickly.  

If you like blogs about motherhood, healthy lifestyle, fashion and design, and adorable children, I want to share one of my favorite blogs ("The Quick Journey") with you.  Find it, read it, follow it here:

Recently, the beautiful writer behind "The Quick Journey," Liz Quick, asked if Mini & Me would like to work together to share both of our businesses with our customers and followers, so we can reach out and get to know more moms, fashionistas, and new friends.  I love working together to support and inspire, so of course I said "YIPPEE!!--YES!!"  

Please visit Liz' blog this week to not only enjoy one of the best blogs on the internet but also to read a neat little post about Mini & Me!  We've put together a special discount deal for "The Quick Journey's" blog readers, but you can only get the code on her blog!  Visit soon, and enjoy!!