Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

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Today is September 1st, the 1st day of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.  Why should you care?  Why should you #gogold for the kids this month?  Because 46 kids in America will be diagnosed with cancer today.  7 will die from cancer today.  These kids could be your kids or kids you your neighborhood, your school, your family.  Yet childhood cancer research in America only receives 4% of all government cancer funding.  Our kids deserve more, and we need to be their voice in the public and with the government.  

What can you do?  You can donate...Make A Wish, Children's Oncology Group, St. Jude Children's Research Hospital...You can walk in a 5K like the one coming up in San Diego on September 13th for the Jose Montano Foundaton.  Register here: 

You can share facts, video, blog posts and website links with your friends and family.  



We lost a dear friend to childhood cancer this year, 16 year old Tiffany Vargas.  Visit her website  Her pain, her family's not something anyone should have to go through.  Let's fight for kids like Tiffany...fight for cures, for better treatments, for prevention...

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