Go Gold In September For Childhood Cancer Awareness Month!

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It's that time of year again...September.  If I'm being honest, it has become the toughest time of year for me.  I *almost* decided to ignore it this year.  Because it's hard.  While many friends post photos on social media of healthy kids with big smiles and new backpacks going to their first days of school, I remember the friends' kids who are no longer with us.  The ones who will never go to school again.  And the tiny fighters who are in the hospital instead of school rooms.  

Five years ago, our son Nick, then 8, was in the middle of treatment for brain cancer.  He would throw up every morning on the way to school and then march in to class...He fought for his life in the literal sense.  And he fought for his life, his right and ability to just be a kid.  And he has won, so far.  Today, he is cancer free and thriving.  We are so, so lucky.  And so, so damaged.  This is not a fight, a trauma, any child or any family should have to endure.

For over 5 years, I've advocated and fundraised for childhood cancer awareness and to get our kids more research funding (because childhood cancers receive only about 4% of all U.S. government cancer research funding).  So why would I consider NOT campaigning this September.  I think I'm tired and frustrated because nothing seems to change.  For 5 years, I've watched children lose their battles to cancer while pleas from parents "Our kids are worth more than 4%!" go ignored.  5 years is a long time.  Why do the the stories, the losses, the funding seem largely the same as they were in 2011?!?!  

It's frustrating and fatiguing to fight long, slow, uphill battles...But I decided, and I hope you decide with me, WE HAVE TO FIGHT!  For my kids, your kids, our future grandkids, kids that are healthy today but won't be tomorrow, and all the kids who have lost their battles.  Quitting is not an option.  The kids don't have choice.  The kids don't yet have a real voice.  To vote.  To raise funds.  To speak to politicians.  So we HAVE to do it for them.  

So here we go again...September 1st.  The beginning of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.  Wear gold.  Talk to your friends.  Share fundraising opportunities.  Help the kids who need us.

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