Happy Spring! DIY Allergy Relief

Tulips and cherry blossoms are blossoming...The leaves are back on the trees...The yellow pollen is snowing all over our cars...And we cannot stop sneezing and sniveling!

A simple trip to your local farmers market might be in order. Visit your local honey vendor for sweet relief.

"Try taking one tablespoon of raw local honey daily, such as by stirring some into tea, adding some to oatmeal along with cinnamon, or putting some in your smoothies.

What makes raw honey so powerful at reducing allergies? One reason is because it contains bee pollen, which is known to ward off infections and allergies and boost immunity.

The bees living in your area go from flower to flower collecting pollen that you are suffering from. It would make sense then that eating local raw honey will help build up your immunity to local pollen.

Honey also contains many enzymes that supports overall immune function, which helps with allergy relief." -- Dr. Axe



In a glass roller bottle, combine 10 drops each of lemon, lavender, and peppermint essential oils. Fill to the top with your favorite carrier oil (sweet almond oil is our favorite). 

Apply to your temples, throat, chest or under your nose as often as needed to calm symptoms. 

PERFECT to throw in your purse for on the go relief! 

**Make a few extra for your mom, and add it to her Mother's Day gift**