How To Style A Blanket Scarf

Every year, I buy at least one new blanket scarf. I stock my stores with mountains of them, and they fly off the shelves and ship to all the states. They are a perfect holiday gift or photo shoot accessory.

BUT...I literally have zero idea how to tie them or style them. Their large, square shape is what endears me and also sends me into fits of fashion confusion! I usually give up and end up using my blanket scarves as lap blankets in the car or airplane or just wrapping around my shoulders like a shawl.

Luckily, there are some savvy women who have conquered the "how to" mystery. HERE, Louisa gives us some of our favorite and easiest suggestions in her La Passion Voutee blog.

Get this plaid blanket scarf HERE

If you prefer video instruction, watch this -> EP Style video. The "Handkerchief Tuck" looks relatively easy to achieve.

Good luck figuring out the style that works best for you...Or enjoy the snuggly softness of your favorite blanket scarf as you lay it across your lap in the car like me! There's no wrong way to enjoy this closet staple!