It's a Good Tuesday for a Ted Talk

After my son, Nick, was diagnosed and treated for brain cancer, a somewhat forgotten passion of mine was reignited. In college, I had been a certified fitness coach through the IDEA Health & Fitness Association. I taught aerobics (is that even a class name anymore??) and absorbed every single bit of information I could get my hands on in health and nutrition classes. 

Life happened after college...full time desk job, many many pregnancies, housework...Doctors and pharmacists who prescribed drugs, not lifestyle and nutrition improvements...

I didn't get back to studying lifestyle, nutrition, holistic approaches, herbal remedies, natural supplements as ways to get and stay healthy until decades had passed, and Nick was sick. I'm sounding more dramatic than it really was...or is...I'm still evolving and learning every day. I still have bad habits and don't eat entirely organic only foods.

This journey has been multi-faceted...I've had to learn which foods were helping my body, or my kids' bodies, and which were harmful. I've realized (should have much sooner, but I'm a late bloomer) that it's not just what we put in our bodies, but what we put on our bodies that matters also...lip care, skin care, bath products...Your skin absorbs so much! I not only learned about natural supplements, herbs, homeopathy, I took a part time job in the supplements department at a health food store (and have been there nearly 5 years now...always learning, often from my customers!). 

I fully support doctors. I don't want to give off the wrong impression here. There is a place for Western medicine and pharmaceuticals. Nick would not be here if we didn't follow standard protocols. Heck, we might still have syphilis running rampant if not for antibiotics...

I also fully support chiropractors, acupuncturists, nutritionists, naturopaths, herbalists...I support what works for you and your family and gives you your healthiest life.

One of my discoveries has been CBD oil products. The ones that don't have THC in case you're not familiar. I have not dabbled in the marijuana, THC loaded, industry...But if you have, you do you...Back to CBD though. I have tried tinctures and topicals for pain, sleep, and mood/anxiety and had mixed results. I did not research the brands I've purchased from, and I cannot attest to their quality--which may have affected my results. Despite my background, it hadn't really occurred to me to ask hard questions about where the hemp they used was grown. Was it organic? What quality control did they have? 

I have personally had more pain relief success from CBD topicals than tinctures, but again, the brands and strengths I used might not have been the best (or the best for me at least).

There is one non-CBD (but very related/works on endocannabinoid receptors) supplement I have used for pain and inflammation that works very well...Endo Inflame. The Endo Inflame is sold at major retailers. 

As the CBD industry and endocannabinoid system research grows and expands, I'm working to learn more and try more products. 

If you are on a health journey that may include interest in learning more about CBD and the endocannabinoid system, this Ted Talk is an awesome introduction!

Whether or not you watch it or watch the whole thing, there is some excellent advice in it for everyone...especially for right now at the beginning of a new year when resolutions are fresh and everyone is looking toward a healthier future...You don't have to eat the whole elephant at once. Eat it one bite at a time. Pick one area to improve for your health. Nutrition. Fitness. Meditation. Whatever it is, pick one and commit.

For love. Self love. Love yourself enough to commit to improving your quality and possibly quantity of life.


**If you're wondering why this is top of mind for me--Why I'm discussing it on a fashion and gift website blog?? Through my research, I have found the ONLY CBD company to have a USDA Organic seal on their products. Every ingredient in their certified products is organic...the cbd/hemp, the essential oils, the carrier oils, the flavoring...This is unheard of in a very very unregulated industry. I am going to personally try the products. I will let my family use them. If we feel the products work and could help our customers on their health journeys, we will offer them here at Mini and Me. If not, we will continue to personally explore this arena and not offer them for sale. In this in between time, it was on my heart to share a little bit of brought me to this place. I hope some of you find value in the sharing.