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Will CBD make you high? NO (It's not the same as smoking pot. It's not psychoactive. "...hemp is legally required to contain no more than 0.3% THC." --greencompassglobal.com)

Do you have to take CBD internally? NO (Topical pain relief products are super effective!!)

Who uses CBD the most? "According to a recent study by Consumer Reports of approximately 4,000 Americans, 18-29 year olds is the age group that uses CBD the most. The study concludes that nearly half of the American people in this age range, 40% to be exact, have “tried CBD at least once in the past two years.” --Travis Lindsay (cbdupclose.com) 

^ What the heck? CBD is great for all age groups. College kids, young athletes, young parents, professionals on the rise could all use it for mood and pain relief. BUT--Where are my Gen X'ers and Baby Boomers? The folks who need CBD the most?? Peri and Post menopausal women who can't sleep? Middle aged weekend warriors who are aching after long hikes and tough tennis matches? If there is fear of stigma or mis-information about CBD being the same as smoking pot or taking "drugs"...Forget that. Learn more FACTS. Help your quality of life with CBD! 

Learn more about CBD in this VIDEO about "What Doctors Are Saying About CBD."


If you are considering taking CBD internally, tinctures or gummies or capsules, please read the below article. And talk to your healthcare provider. You may be NOT be able to take the CBD internally. You may be able to use it topically. Or you may not be advised to use it at all. ALWAYS ASK YOUR DOCTOR BEFORE MAKING CHANGES TO YOUR HEALTHCARE ROUTINE!

"CBD and Some Medications are Dangerous Together

If you are on a medication that carries a grapefruit warning, CBD is dangerous, too. Many common medications carry grapefruit warnings, including some corticosteroids used for inflammatory bowel disease, prescriptions for psychiatric conditions like depression and anxiety, medications for high blood pressure, angina, and high cholesterol, and certain immunosuppressants commonly used to prevent rejection of a transplanted organ (see just a few examples from the FDA and Harvard Medical School).

Grapefruit and CBD interfere with a group of enzymes in the body that are instrumental in metabolizing medication. When you consume grapefruit/grapefruit juice or CBD while taking certain medications, your body doesn’t break down the medication properly. In many cases, too much medication stays in the system, increasing both medication levels and side effects. Other times, the medication is blocked from working and the effects are weakened. Essentially, grapefruit and CBD prevent your medication from working properly, either causing toxic levels to accumulate in your body or weakening the effects of your medication so it can’t do what it is prescribed to do. Either one can make you sick and keep you sick while you’re eating grapefruit or taking CBD while on certain medications." --TanyaJPeterson.com


If you decide to try CBD products, we are happy to answer any questions you have. E-mail us any time at miniandmeboutique@gmail.com. If you want to buy (or learn how to build your own business selling) CBD products, click HERE. If you choose to purchase CBD products, please know that is a largely unregulated industry. Make sure you know where your products were grown, produced, and whether they are certified USDA Organic. It's not easy to get USDA Organic certification (or cheap), and it is so important to find those companies that obtained that certification!

Disclaimer: Mini and Me, its' owners, employees, and affiliates, are not medical professionals. This article is intended to provide information for the consumer to discuss with their medical provider as we cannot provide medical advice.

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