Non-Profit of The Month and Some DIY "Pick Me Up" Recipes

As you know, we are advocates for Childhood Cancer Awareness, and we support non-profits that help kids with cancer and their families with fundraisers and donations. Our goal in 2021 is to be a little more organized in that effort. While we're not sure yet how many in person fashion shows or Angel Trees we will be able to set up, we will continue to donate 10% of our profits to organizations that help support childhood cancer research, fulfill dreams for kids with life threatening illnesses, provide housing or assistance with bills for caregiving families, provide rides to appointments, or help in any way on the childhood cancer journey.

We will be designating one non-profit per month to receive our donation. We encourage you to learn about the non-profits we have chosen, and if one speaks to you, please consider shopping a little more during their month...Or even make a donation directly to that non-profit.

The amazing non-profit we have decided to start our year off supporting is the Jessie Rees Foundation. Their mission statement:

We believe every child fighting cancer deserves joy, the opportunity to smile, and be encouraged to NEVER EVER GIVE UP!

Jessie Rees was a kind, generous, 12 year old child when she passed away from DIPG, brain cancer. Even when she was sick, she gave gifts and spread joy to her fellow cancer fighters. Her family has carried on and expanded on this wish to spread joy, and we hope you visit their website, like their social media, and choose to support their work. Thank you!!


2021 has started off a little rockier here in the U.S. than we were hoping. We're shaken, tense, wary...So we are trying hard at home to regain a little balance and optimism with some DIY aromatherapy. If you think it would help you, too, we've come up with a couple rollerball recipes that we love. You can use the same essential oil combos in your diffuser as well, or mix some distilled water with your essential oils in a spray bottle for an easy way to spray relief and optimism around your living space whenever you would like!


Tension Buster: Equal parts lavender and peppermint essential oils

Uplift/Optimism: Lemon

Calming/Uplifting: Sweet Orange

(lemon and sweet orange work well alone or combined)

*Use a 10 ml. rollerball (available HERE or most health food stores and Whole Foods)

*Remove rollerball

*Drop 20-30 drops of essential oils into bottle

*Finish filling the bottle with a carrier oil like fractionated coconut oil, jojoba oil, or sweet almond oil 

*Replace rollerball

*Add a label (no need to be fancy--a piece of masking tape with permanent marker works fine), so you remember which recipe is in which rollerball bottle

*Roll onto pulse points like wrists and temples (you may want to spot test for skin sensitivity before using all over)



We wish every single one of you an amazing 2021. May this year be one of joy, hope, peace, love, and dreams coming true!